A Country Store experience unlike any other because… We Know Nature Inside & Out

bronze deer

Within the forest is a wonderful enchanted place. Where woodland animals are forever captured in bronze…

entry root table

and tree branches transform into finely crafted pieces of art for dining, lounging & sleeping.

birch birdhouse

Discover Exquisite nature Inspired home & camp furnishings crafted by fine Artisans, who magically convert bark, pine cones & roots into rustic delights

jumping fish painting

where jumping trout are caught on canvas surrounded by golden gilded frames.

adirondack book room

In the historic stable below you will find one of the area’s largest selections of Adirondack Books.

red cedar room
sofa and coffee table

You will also discover exquisite nature Inspired home and camp furnishings, flattered by quality leather pieces

antler accent table

unique nature inspired lighting, Wool rich Blankets and warm Pendleton bedding, flannel sheets and towels plus taxidermy and home and camp accents to delight even the seasoned shopper.